Substances covered by the Consortium

Following you will find the current substances covered by the Consortium.

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Substance Formula EINECS CASsort icon Comment
Sodium selenite Na2SeO3 233-267-9 10102-18-8
Sodium selenate Na2SeO4 236-501-8 13410-01-0
Zinc selenite ZnSeO3 237-048-9 13597-461
Barium selenite BaSeO3 237-280-0 13718-59-7
Selenium dioxide SeO2 231-194-7 7446-08-7
Selenium Se 231-957-4 7782-49-2
Selenious acid H2SeO3 213-974-7 7783-00-8
Substance Formula EINECS CASsort icon Comment
Se-Te Concentrates UVCB 932-075-9
Tellurium Te 236-813-4 13494-80-9
Leach residues, tellurium UVCB: Tellurium containing residues from lead production 273-814-9 69029-73-8
Slags, tellurium UVCB: Tellurium compounds, Te-Na-compounds 273-828-5 69029-86-3
Tellurium dioxide TeO2 231-193-1 7446-07-3
Precipitate from tellurium containing acid solutions by copper metal cementation UVCB containing copper tellurides and other metal compounds 943-528-5 not assigned yet